Phenomenal Attorney: I first reached out to the law office of Glazer & Hammond after reading many positive reviews, and I couldn't be more thankful that I did. Jacob (Jake) Smets was the lawyer who reached out to me over the phone for a consultation. I explained my situation and the charges against me. I had never been in trouble with the law before and my situation was a very difficult and complex issue that involved more than what appeared on the surface. After speaking with Jake I felt confident in his abilities and reassurances and decided to hire him. He was always honest and upfront with me and gave realistic expectations about the outcome of my case and was always just a phone call or email away. I trusted him and his advice every step of the way and knew that he was fighting for me. He went above and beyond what was expected of him and it really made such a difference. Jake was able to speak personally with the prosecutor and explain my situation and circumstances surrounding my case. Because of this and his never-ending persistence, he was able to get my charges dismissed. He may be young in his career but he has the compassion, dedication, and know-how beyond his years. If Jake is in your corner you can rest assured he has got your back.


Mr. Glazer's fees are not inexpensive, because he knows he is highly effective. He told me: "you get what you pay for". He was 100% right. After 6 months, my misdemeanor of 6 years ago was dropped and reduced to a traffic ticket leaving me with a clean record. I drove from San Francisco, CA to Flagstaff, AZ to personally shake his hand. He cleared my record and fixed my problem.


I hired Steve to represent my son on an out-of-state DUI. I was impressed with Steve's qualifications online. I was able to immediately get in contact with him. Steve had to travel to several hours away from his office on two occasions. He arrived early, prepared, and his demeanor was very professional. We were impressed with Steve's knowledge of the law and sound advice. My son got the best result that was possible. We don't believe that would have happened without Steve's help. Steve is an excellent attorney. If the need ever called for it, I would hire Steve again


I have never been in legal trouble before, so I had no idea what to do. Steve was very honest and forthcoming with everything. He was the first attorney I called that actually spoke with me and not an associate. He was very honest about my situation, which didn't give me false expectations, but also kept me very hopeful. He was prompt in returning my calls and very accommodating and attentive.


Steve Glazer and Melissa Deweese did an excellent job of leading me through a maze of completely foreign ground that overwhelmed me at every turn. They know exactly what, when and how to deal with every aspect of representing me efficiently, professionally and courteously. I'd recommend Mr. Glazer to anyone in need of legal representation.

Kevin - AVVO Review

Best Lawyer in Flagstaff, if not the State. Steven Glazer helped me more than I could have ever imagined. Back in may of 2010 I was charged with multiple allegations, never been arrested before I had no idea what to do. I met with Steven and he explained everything to me in detail and told me know to worry about anything for now. Months later when the charges were issued, the charges were not minor what so ever and knew I was looking at license suspension, thousands of dollars in fines, and possible jail time. Once again Steven told me to relax and not worry about it. He was very good at settling you down even faced with such horrible circumstances. it only took him a couple of weeks and the charges were all dismissed. My case may have been minor to some of the ones that he has dealt with, but he still treated it like any other case, and did the best he could (which is better than most). I can not explain in words how thankful I am to have him as my attorney. I feel if you are in need of a lawyer, there is no other option, you have to go with Steven Glazer, he is the best.


I cannot find the words to describe my experience and representation I received while working with Mr. Steve Glazer. I recently found myself in a situation where I was wrongfully accused of 5 different allegations. I was referred to Mr. Glazer and I immediately met with him personally. My questions and concerns and well-being were given top priority and because of this all of my charges were found not guilty, by jury trial in the Yavapai-Apache Nation Court, thanks to the representation provided by Steve and his law firm. I am very pleased with the representation I received from Steve Glazer and I highly recommend him if you want an attorney who will fight for your rights!


I have to say, it was the best thing I did by going to Mr Glazer for help regarding my legal issue, and I could not have asked for a better outcome. Apart from the result, he was very understanding of the situation and helped us cope better with it too.


The Best First of all, i just want to say thank you soo much Steve Glazer. We’ll I like to say that I have a Class A CDL and was driving for one year before I got my Dui charge. During the time of my arrest, i was very nervous of what had just happened. Spending a night in jail, but was relief after getting out the next day, until I found out what charges i was facing. Not only the Super Extreme Dui, but four other charges ( Dui Vapor, No insurance, Hit and run, and Speeding). Now these are charges that would have taken away my CDL not only for a year, but for good. So I started looking for a DUI attorney all over the yellow pages and called most of them. But just hearing them all saying they can get me off the Dui charge. I felt and heard in their voice of no confidence and sound confused. So i had my brother give me an attorney number and told me to try Mr. Glazer. Not only my brother told me that the internet help, but had a few friends that went to him for help. So i called him, after i told Mr. Glazer about my charges, he was the only attorney that said “he will do his best”. That was one key i was looking for, the HONESTY he gave me. Then during the case, he worked with me and answer all the question that i asked for. In most cases i know, Driving license privilage would be taken away, but since my job required me to have a valid driver license, he helped me kept it during the whole trial. Then til the day came for the pretrial, i was facing 45 days in jail, My CDL was going to be taken for life, and about a 10000 dollar fine. he got me a plea aggreement that i couldn’t refuse. All i had to pay was a 500 dollar fine and no jail time. So today, I love to say that I still have my CDL and this was a big learning step for me, to never do this again. Once again, thank you soo much Steve Glazer.


We would like to first say how grateful we are to have found Steve Glazer. Our son was put in an extremely difficult situation in the Coconino County Jail system. He is serving a 6 month sentence with work release. His work release was abruptly taken away, and he was facing a transfer to one of the maximum security pods in the jail. His job, safety and mental state of mind were in jeopardy, all in less than a 24 hour period. We were referred to Steve by a family member. We called him and in less than 5 minutes received a phone call back. From the moment our communication began with Steve, all of the obstacles and anger due to the situation immediately subsided. He was genuinely concerned about our son, and within a 24 hour period had our son’s work release reinstated. His communication and knowledge of the legal system makes him the most impressive attorney we have ever experienced. We highly recommend Steve for anyone who is in need of legal counsel. Thank you again Steve for everything you did for our family.

Jack and Angela

Highly Recommended Criminal Defense Attorney I was arrested while traveling through Arizona and looking at an 8 to 12 year prison sentence with multiple felony charges. My family living in California, found Stephen Glazer through the internet and sent him to help me with my case in Coconino County Arizona. He aided in the communication between my family, the courts, and my personal decisions. Not only did he reassure me while I was in custody that they were going to get me out of there, but he kept in close contact with me when I was released later that day. Stephen took care of all the legal documents and ensured I would be able to stay in California while I was being prosecuted. He was with me every step of the way and made the process much easier. It was comforting to know that he really cares about me, my family, and the outcome of my case. He helped us to understand the pros and cons of fighting my charges and going to trial. Stephen listened to my concerns, told me he will go to trial with me, and let me make the decisions leading up to the plea in my case. I am grateful for all the time he spent fighting my case and communicating even the minute details. This was not an easy experience for any of us and Stephen made it as painless as possible. He went above and beyond what is expected of any attorney, exhibited extensive knowledge of justice system, and a high degree of professionalism at all times. I spent no time in prison and was easily able to complete all the courts requests of me, plus had an early termination of probation after only one year. He is now helping me with the set aside request for my case and has literally followed through with my court case from the beginning to the end.


Best Attorney in Flagstaff- Super Extreme DUI Case After receiving a Super Extreme Dui, 3 months after my initial incident, I was not sure what to do. To make matters much worse I found out that I had a court hearing the very next day. I knew that I needed a lawyer and I did not know where to even begin to look or how I was going to be able to afford such a thing. I started my search through recommendations and web search. I had heard very good things about The Glazer Law Office. I called the office and much to my surprise I was speaking with Stephen Glazer directly. He immediately made time for me to come down to his office. He spoke to me about my situation with out even talking about how much it was going to cost. I was very impressed upon speaking with him. He took time out of his already planned day to help me out in my circumstances and with short notice took on my case. He went over all paperwork that I had received and explained everything that was blurry or unclear to me. Having worked with attorneys in the past I was very surprised that he would actually be representing me in court the very next day. Throughout my entire court process I could not have asked for a better person to represent me. Mr. Stephen Glazer never looked down on me and always kept a positive attitude. He helped me get through a sticky situation while always encouraging me to keep my head up. He quickly jumped every hurdle that the court system threw at him. He is very knowledgeable and proficient in every aspect of his duties. As I mentioned before I have had other attorneys in the past. While dealing with other attorneys it is not uncommon to feel like a number, another case that they will work on and hopefully try their best.He was always very companionate and caring of my situation. He is a very humble attorney that treats his clients like people not as a number or a criminal. He always kept me very well informed as to what was going on and what was going to happen next. He had several one on one meeting’s with me, called me often and even sent copies of everything straight to my house, so I could review them. He often represented me in court with out me present. This was a great benefit to me because it is often embarrassing to have to leave work to go to court. Stephen Glazer represented me with the up most respect and really fought for my case. He knew the laws inside and out and was able to provide me with a lot of good advice. I can not even explain how grateful I am to have had such an intelligent, humble, hard working attorney on my side like Mr. Glazer. I had a lot of doubt when I heard all the charges that I was facing. Stephen Glazer always kept a positive attitude and never let me down. He showed me that he was there for me to fight the battle and he turned my doubtful case into something I could have never imagined. I ended up receiving a sentencing that I thought was near impossible. If you are going through and situation or know somebody in a sticky situation I would highly recommend The Glazer Law Office. I will never be able to Thank Stephen Glazer enough. His rates are affordable, he is an outstanding attorney, his office is always pleasant to visit and he works hard on every case giving you the attention you deserve. Thanks for all your hard work, it is much appreciated. You have made my life a lot easier. I will never stop recommending you.


I found Mr. Glazer after being referred by a friend. My past experience with previous attorneys were not mutually beneficial or therapeutic. I was immediatley impressed by Mr. Glazer’s consistancy of communication, and later by his level of communication. I was kept up to date during every step of my case, either by direct phone call or E-mail. Mr. Glazer took great effort to explain the what, when, and hows of the legal process and how it related to my case. Oh, and lets not forget honesty………Mr. Glazer made no promises about the outcome of my case, but did promise a “vigorous defense”. In the end, I am extremely satisfied with using Mr. Glazer as my attorney and would recommend Mr. Glazer when walking into any Arizona courtroom.


There are only three words I can say when it comes to the Steven Glazer Law Firm….”diligence”…”commitment”…”honesty”! You will never find a more sympathetic firm that is dedicated to seeing TRUE justice done. I set out to seek an attorney, back in April 2011, when I was indicted for an Aggravated DUI. At first, I was not sure “how” to look for an attorney but as I started looking online my search was not that hard. When I came across “The Glazer Law Office”, I clicked onto his link and it sent me straight to his web page. I really was not impressed with all of his years of experience that was written on the web page, because to me, anyone would say anything to catch a client. Not only that… I really did not trust attorneys, but seeing that I was in a position that needed more legal expertise than I had, I had no choice. But as I read on and on making my way to the review section, I was moved. Reading about what all these strange people had to say about this attorney…I started finding myself wanting to know more. So I called and made an appointment. Steve was out of town at the time, but it only took him a couple of hours to return my phone call. He was very polite and the nature of his voice really put my mind at ease that day. His assurance throughout my whole ordeal really gave me comfort. He told me when I met him, “not to let this situation get the best of me, and anything is possible.” “I know that it’s easier said than done, but keep living your life and hope for the best, I have seen situations change in a matter of time.” Coming from an attorney, I felt that was weird. However, I had never heard that before so I just took it as it was, but thank God, Steve Glazer knows his laws!! I went from getting a plea agreement with a 4 month – 3.95 yrs in DOC attached to it…to (in the end) having it squashed down to 10 days in jail with 9 of it suspended!!!! All I can say is, “if you had a choice, like I did, and had to choose between two law firms to take your case on, I would have to tell you to choose Steve Glazer!” Trust me, you will not regret that choice…..I DIDN’T!!!!!!!!

Flagstaff, AZ -Din'e

With the help of Steven Glazer, and his most impressive staff, my legal troubles have become next to nil. Entering into Steve’s office, I became aware of a picture with actor Jon Voight who signed, “Steve your a true miracle worker.” This tune rang true with the end of my case where minimal punishments were established for a fairly serious event. Not only is Steve an extremely approachable and compassionate person, but he is absolutely incredible at his job. I would like to take the time and thank Steve, and all of the others at his firm, for all their help and caring for me as a person, not just another client. To all that are in need of an attorney, Steven Glazer is your man.


Steve, I just wanted to say thanks for the work you have done. Without it, I’d be without a job right now. On Tuesday the clinical director at one of the hospitals I’m contracted with called me and told me something came up on my background investigation and that I would not be allowed back. He gave me the phone number of the security person in Phoenix to call. I was in the middle of a background investigation at that facility as part of the new government program for digital security badges. I told him the case had been dismissed and he said I needed to provide proof. I checked my email and found that earlier in the day your office had emailed the case dismissal document with the judge’s signature. I called the security investigator back and emailed him the document and that solved everything.


I don’t know what I would have done without Mr. Glazer. I found him online, and sent a message to his office within minutes he personally contacted me by phone. I told him what my problem was and at that point he explained the steps we would have to take, he made sure I understood everything. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. He made me feel at ease during a very stressful time. The way he took care of everything saved me a lot of headaches and money. I was very happy with the case results and extremely thankful to Mr. Glazer for all his hard work.

J. Salas

I was facing losing my career, home and overall livelihood from being caught in Arizona with a suspended CDL. When surfing the web for attorneys in Flagstaff Mr Glazer was the first one I ran across that had reviews I could read. Out of 3 attorneys I called and emailed he was the first and only to respond. I am most happy with my decision to hire Mr. Glazer because if it were not for him my case would not have been dismissed and I would not have a job! Thank you Mr. Glazer for saving my life! ~Tennessee


Top notch Flagstaff attorney. Mr. Glazer was an excellent attorney and took great care of my case. I was facing Extreme DUI charges with a $3500 fine and 30 days in jail, which could have been detrimental in my career and future plans. Steve was able to bring it down to a Reckless Driving settlement, which is a $750 fine and NO jail time! I am very happy with the result and throughout the whole process, Steve was very informative and helpful with any questions or concerns I had. Steve was very professional and forward in every dealing I had with him and even though I contacted his office on Saturday, not even 24 hours had passed and he called my cell for an on-the-phone initial consultation. I can sincerely say that Steve was out for my best interests and not simply following the money. I am immensely satisfied with Steve as my lawyer and would recommend him 10 times to anybody who needs the help of a criminal attorney.


I was charged with DUI Impaired. I was moving to another state for a job, and was told that I couldn’t leave the state. I called a couple Lawyers in my town, and was still very unsure what to do. Then I found Mr. Glazer on the internet. I read his reviews, called and talked to him on the phone. I decided to go with Steve. First thing he told me, I could leave and go to my new job. The pretrial conference came up; the county wanted me to come for it. I didn’t know how I was going to get the time off or money to go, Steve fixed that too. After a couple of weeks, Steve called, and told me, he got the case was dismissed. Steve always answered or called me back, even on the weekend. E-mailed me with all the paper work he received or sent to the courts. Made me feel I was very important to him. If you’re in need of an attorney, Steve Glazer is the way to go! Thank you, so much Steve. Words can’t express how I feel.


Steve Glazer saved my life….Not only is he a great attorney he is a great person..Steve does what he says he is going to do .He doesn t make promises but he get results.I was called home one day from work to find my house being gone through by the police with a search warrant.I was arrested and had 6 felony charges against me and my wife and oldest boy was arrested too. After spending 3 days in jail and my first time being arrested I went home and started looking for an attorney. There are so many attorneys in the yellow pages I thought how do I choose an attorney.I don t know how and don t know why but I was so very ,very lucky to have chosen Steve Glazer.. The man is honest ,genuine and very respectful. I called him on a Sunday afternoon and left a message.He called me back couple hours later. I told him what happen and he could tell by my voice that I was upset , scared and worried..He calmed me down and pretty much told me things were going alright..After I meet Steve I knew then I had the right attorney. Steve also found my wife and son attorneys and there charges were dropped.It s was my first time being arrested , I had the same job for 27 years , A kid in collage , one still at home , a mortgage and I couldn t loose my families medical insurance.I had so much to loose. All 6 felonies where dropped. I recieved 2 years probation , had to go to 90 days out patient drug rehab , misdorminor for posession of marijuana and a $250 fine..Like I said when I started writing this review Steve saved my life..


I can’t ever thank Steve enough for what he did for me and the time he put into my case.He treated me with respect and was always there to answer any questions or concerns that I had. He puts forth all of his effort into every case,even though mine wasnt his largest. This wasnt my first rodeo but Steve got me an outcome better then I could have asked for and is my only option for legal advice if needed in the future!
Thanks Steve


I was recently arrested on an outstanding ticket from 2008 and thought I could handle the issue on my own because I was unemployed and couldn’t afford an attorney. This was my first encounter with the law, other than traffic tickets, as an adult and I was pretty scared. After explaining the details about my ticket three years ago and my recent arrest, Steve was open and honest about what I could be facing. He did not talk down to me or judge me about my actions instead he calmed my fears. Steve is an honest, straight forward and knowledgeable attorney – an excellent choice for anyone facing a legal situation.


The best lawyer I have ever had!!! That is the only way to describe Steve Glazer. I was traveling through Arizona and was wrongfully pulled over in Flagstaff. The DPS officer said I was speeding, which I clearly wasn’t, then proceeded to call out a K-9 unit to search my vehichle. I was arrested and charged with 4 class 2 felonies and was facing 12+ years in prison. My bond was set at $100,000 secured.

I had some friends research attorneys in Flagstaff and there were many choices. When I found out Steve was a former prosecuting attorney for Coconino County, I decided to go with him. One of the best decisions I have ever made! Steve was very confident that he could win my case, but I decided to try for a plea agreement. Instead of trying to talk me out of it, like some lawyers would, he really listened and understood why I wanted to plea bargin. When he told me the terms he had worked out with the prosecuting attorney, I almost fell out of my chair! I ended up with probation, minimal fines, and community service. There were several people in jail with similar offences. They couldn’t believe how fast I got out or the terms of my plea agreement. Steve also arranged for me to get out of jail prior to my sentencing date without paying any bond.

I can’t ever thank Steve enough for what he did for me! He treated me with respect and was always there to answer any questions or concerns that I had. He also talked personally with whomever I asked him to, updating them on my case. I thought I would be spending years in prison. I could’t be happier with the outcome. Thanks again Steve!!!!!!


I was arrested for a DUI in the spring of 2010. It was a truly frightening and eye opening experience for me as the drama unfolded that evening. I spent the night in jail and was released the next day at which time I went to work looking for an attorney. A friend of mine, who went through a similar experience referred me to Steve Glazer. She was very satisfied as to how he helped with her case. The next day I made an appointment. When I met Steve I was a nervous wreck! I was scared as to what extent I would have to pay the consequences of my actions. Steve immiadety had a calming and reassuring presence. He was confident, friendly, and personable as he outlined how this legal process would likely work. I always appreciated the prompt reply’s to my questions. If I left Steve a message with a question he would often call back minutes later with a reply! Thank you Steve for all of your hard work on my case. You really, truly helped me though a really difficult time!


Let me start off saying, I got pulled over for speeding, and I was so scared, due to the fact that I had a suspended license. I got a court date set, and i attended, but I felt that i didn’t want to go through this alone. I was thinking that I needed a lawyer; this was a confusing process as well. I didn’t know how to go about looking for a lawyer. I didn’t know how much a lawyer was going to cost, with my budget I was thinking that I wanted to get the least expensive, but that means the least experience, but that wasn’t the case. I meant with a few lawyers, and after meeting with Steve Glazer. I felt more confident about my case. He explained the whole court proceedings to me. I felt very educated about the process; after all he was a very aggressive and experienced lawyer. He kept me out of court as much as possible, and in the end results was like music to my ears. All my charges were dropped, and instead of being cited for driving with a suspended license and speeding. My final charge came to be NO LICENSE, and if you know Arizona’s new policy on no license, and driving under a suspended license. You would be excited to hear this great news. I am really thankful to have had Stephen Glazer as my lawyer and recommend him to all who need a lawyer. He will keep you out of jail, and work very hard on your case.

He will also stick by your side every step of the way. He keeps you well informed about updates about your case, and is very good about talking to you directly on the phone. You don’t get a voicemail, and receive a call back a few days later. i genuinely feel that he cares for his clients, and really understands that people need help to continue on the path to success.


Our son, an NAU student, found himself in some very serious trouble while in Flagstaff. We found out about the offenses late in the evening, before his first court appearance. We, rather frantically, looked for an attorney to appear with him the next morning in court. After reading many reviews of Flagstaff attorneys, we called Mr. Glazer’s office at 1:30 in the morning. He returned our call at 5:30 a.m., and said he would be there to represent our son.

Over the following few months we had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Glazer, and from that first meeting, we were certain that we had chosen the right attorney. He is the consummate professional. He is very experienced in criminal matters and has an eagerness and enthusiasm for law that is refreshing to see. He also had the approach he was planning clearly established. I am sure that every case and defendant is different, and I have no doubt that “Steve” (as he insists on being called) looks at each one individually and chooses the right defense for each. His approach with our son’s case, was: if this optimum approach fails, then this is the next plan, and so on. As it turned out, the first option worked, and our son got the best possible resolution to his case. Steve always kept us informed, always offered us the time to come in to see him, or call and make a phone appointment. He always returned our calls within the same day, and usually within the hour.

We must also comment on his office; Caitlin, his assistant was always so nice, so courteous, and so professional. We never felt as though we were a bother. Clearly, we cannot say enough about our experience with Mr. Glazer and his office in what was a very, very scary time. We cannot recommend him more highly.

Judith - AVVO Review

Steve is the very best attorney a person can ask for. I found myself in some legal trouble and he worked on my case to get the best possible outcome. Not only is he very knowledgable in what he does, but he is also is very understanding of the emotional stress that a person goes through. He kept me informed every step of the way, and was absolutely there when I had questions regarding my case, to go over documents and explained it all to me. He made sure I that understood completely. I am ever so thankful for everything he has done for me. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney (I don’t think you can find anyone better than Steve).

J - AVVO Review

After about 2 dozen consultations with many different attorneys, Steve was last on my list. I called him and he was able to empathize with my situation. I had been a victim of false allegations but due to the seriousness of the offense the state was very hesitant to just dropping the charges. I knew almost immediately Steve was the one whom I needed in my corner, however due to being unemployed and in the middle of a divorce I was close to being bankrupt. Steve offered to work with me so that I could make sure he would in fact be the one standing in my corner. I never even got the chance to meet him face to face because the case was dismissed before we even went to court. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone needing not just an excellent aggressive attorney but a very compassionate one as well. Thanks Again Steve!

Franklin - AVVO Review

I found Steve Glazer in the yellow pages. I met with a few lawyers prior to him, but I felt most confident with Steve. He explained to me what was going to happen, and what I had to do on my part. He was very informative. I started out my communication with him through email, and to my knowledge. I didn’t think I was going to hear a response for a couple of days, but I got one instantly. He fit me in to his busy schedule as soon as possible, so I brought all my paper work, my charges,any information that was relevant to my case. He immediately gave me the feelng as if he knew what he was talkin about and well experienced in this field of driving under a suspended license. I couldn’t believe how much he understood how people make mistakes, and that he helps to get a second chance, which I found to be true, after all my charges were all droppped to a minor charge. It was great new to hear. If anyone needs a lawyer, contact The Law Offices of Glazer Law, he will help you every step of the way.

Trena - AVVO Review

Very professional, concerned for client, and easy to talk to. Stephen Glazer provided me legal guidance, fought for the best results for case, and frequently put my mind at ease. The office provided quick access to Steve or a phone call was returned quickly. Great, great lawyer and man.

DUI Client - AVVO Review

Mr. Glazier was very helpful and willing as my attorney. I would definitely recommend him for criminal defense cases. He was very caring and willing to work with me. I appreciated all his services. Kudos!

James Brooks - AVVO Review

Steve has done a wonderful job with my case. He worked hard at it and did not hold back. I was always well informed and in constant contact with him. My case turned out better than I ever expected!!

Rylan - AVVO Review